Why Does My Computer Screen Go Black Randomly

Why Does My Computer Screen Go Black Randomly
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Lately, there have been various complaints regarding the computer screen getting black momentarily.  This behavior usually occurs for a few seconds to minutes. However, what’s more concerning is that this malfunction occurs without any particular time or occasion.

There have been various reports highlighting that this malfunction either occurs while doing some heavy graphic work or just randomly.

Although there is no official statement regarding the cause of this problem, after doing some extensive research, we have found some major reasons.

So, Let’s answer: ” why does my computer screen go black randomly”?

Why Does My Computer Screen Go Black Randomly

9 Reasons For Your Computer Screen To Turn Black Randomly

PSU ( Power Supply Unit): Power Supply Unit provides power to the motherboard. Hence, if there is some issue in the power supply unit, correct voltages might not get delivered and your computer screen can turn black.

Video Cable: It doesn’t matter whether your video cable is an HDMI or a VGA. If cables connecting the monitor get damaged, then your monitor screen will turn black.

GPU: Often the problem occurs when your dedicated GPU is either not properly plugged into the monitor or it’s damaged.

Overclocking: Overclocking is effective in boosting up your monitor’s power. This action comes with some complications like your monitor screen turning black momentarily.

Outdated Operating System Files: If the monitor has corrupted OS files, then problems can arise.

NVIDIA And AMD Graphics: Often Additional graphics like AMD or NVIDIA are added to enhance graphics. But, these graphics cards might not be perfectly in harmony with your monitor’s operating system, leading to plenty of problems.

Bad Drivers: graphics drivers are what connect your OS with hardware. If the drivers are faulty, then there can be a problem in beneficial communication of components and issues may arise.

Power Interference: If there is power interference or bad wiring at your home, then screen flickering may occur.

3rd Party Software: There can be some 3rd party software in your PC that’s causing issues.


Before trying out the specific solutions, make sure you have a backup and have a good internet connection.

Solution 1: Check The HDMI/VGA Cable

If your computer screen is turning black because your cable is damaged, then try the following steps:

  • Buy another HDMI cable. But before replacing it, plug the old one into another monitor and see if that one works. If not, then the problem is surely due to the damaged cable.
  • You can try other inputs, and see whether your monitor is working fine with others or not.

Solution 2: Check PSU

PSU is of great significance. This is because it’s capable of providing AC power from the main power outlet and transfers the precise voltage to other computer parts for effective working.

But, if the power supply unit is faulty, then various problems can take place ranging from annoying monitor screen flickering to crashing.

For this problem, you should go for another PSU temporarily. Make sure to change the cable as well which connects the PSU to the main power outlet. If the issue gets resolved, then it means that the PSU was the culprit and needs to be changed permanently.

Solution 3: Disable Overclocking

Overclocking is trendy mainly because of its ability to accelerate the processing speed. But while overclocking, the CPU temperature rises above the threshold and hence the function is stopped to keep the CPU cool. Although it’s a good feature, excessive monitor screen blinking occurs.

You should disable all overclocking functions in your monitor and try to operate the CPU at factory set speed. There is a high chance that your problem will get solved.

Solution 4: Update Operating System

If your windows haven’t been updated so far then you should update them. This is because using an outdated operating system can itself cause your monitor to malfunction.

To update your operating system, follow the following step, but you should be signed in as an administrator.

  • Press windows key +S. A dialogue box will pop up. Type Update.
  • An application will appear on your monitor screen. Go to its settings. Select the check for updates.
  • The computer will now automatically start checking for the latest updates for your operating system and will download them.

Note: This whole procedure requires a healthy internet connection. Without it, you won’t be able to proceed further.

Solution 5: Check Power Interference

If your house wiring is bad, whenever you switch on or off a light or do any other appliance, your monitor screen will start fluctuating. If this happens, then it means that you need to change the wiring. One solution to this problem is UPS ( uninterrupted power supply). It will provide your monitor with constant voltages, preventing the device from blinking or crashing.

Solution 6:  Change power settings

Power settings are certain rules that guide your computer about how much power to draw and save. If the power settings are not proper, then complications might occur due to its incompatibility with the system software. Hence, you need to change the power settings

  • Press keys windows+R. A run application will pop up. In this application, type the control panel.
  • After opening up the control panel, select the power option.
  • Varying modes of power sets will be displayed there. If there is any option like power saver, turn it to high performance or maybe balanced.
  • Save changes and restart your PC.

Wrapping Up!

Computer screen blinking malfunctioning is a common issue. We have found that your operating system, software, graphics card, and even power supply matter a lot in this case. If any of these factors are faulty, issues can occur.

We have also discussed some important solutions. We hope that your query: ” why does my computer screen go black randomly?” has been perfectly answered.

Various solutions have been discussed. Try them out for smooth functioning.

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