My Monitor Is Not Turning On

My Monitor Is Not Turning On – Get The Solution In 5 Minutes

You pushed the Power Button in urgency as your boss is waiting for you to show the important presentation in an online meeting. But guess what your monitor isn’t turning on. Now you don’t have any time to call the technician or bring your whole computer system to the Repair Shop.

 Here, no worries. In this article, we’re going to describe some useful information regarding this issue. Make sure to read it all. So you can use the computer with zero distortion.

Reasons Of The Black Display

The problem could have plenty of reasons and these hideous little messes will be ready to provide extreme discomfort especially in urgent situations. Let’s talk about some of the most Common Reasons people often report.

Loose Connection Of Power

The very first reason for the black monitor screen is Loose Power Connection. When the Power Cable losses down or becomes damaged, it’s obvious that the monitor won’t be getting the power it needs to run.

  • Check the Power Cable. If it’s not completely fitted in the Three Prolonged Port, here is your villain. Make sure that you fit the cable perfectly.
  • Now comes the turn of Wall Outlet. Once you check the area behind the monitor screen, take a glance at the Power Cable lying on the Extension Board. Here comes your job, plug the cable properly.

Don’t let the thoughts get into your mind and you forget to turn off the system before you start plugging the Power Cables.

Fault Of Power Supply Unit?

Being a crucial part of your Computer System, the PSU holds the responsibility to run the computer efficiently. A faulty unit can damage the computer to a great extent and bring the entire system down. You can detect the problem with the following symptoms.

  • Consistent Crashes Of Computer
  • Blue Screen Blinking
  • Continuous Noises From The CPU
  • Random Failure Of RAM and

Defective Backlight

This one is the most often reported by the people in recent months. If you’re new to this then let us tell you, the backlight is a Long Light Bulb that is required to Display the screen. When it gets damaged, your monitor screen begins to dim resulting in Black Screen. In this case, you might notice consistent blinking or flickering lights on the monitor.

Damaged RAM And Motherboard

Have you experienced sudden freezing in the system recently? Well, this is one sign of a failing Motherboard. Faulty Motherboard and RAM could be the major reason for the monitor shutting down. A defective RAM is sufficient for damaging the metal components of the computer along with the motherboard. Incompatible RAM is another reason for Damaged Slots of Motherboard.

Broken Graphics Card

A malfunctioning graphics card not only creates a bunch of distractions in your games and movies but also damages the system in the long run. Damages also include a Blank Monitor Display. Symptoms of defective Video Card are:

  • Weird Fan Noise
  • Continuous Screen Glitches
  • Screen Stutters During Video Games And Movies
  • Sudden Overheating

Time To Fix The Problem

Once you’ve determined the reason now it’s time to solve the problem from the root. So you can use your PC for a prolonged period without experiencing this issue.

Solution No:1 Change The Power Cable

Sometimes you’re using faulty or cheap Power Cables that don’t work out properly and create a whole other clutter for you. So we suggest that you always buy a durable power cable with the assistance of some Experienced Technicians. You can also buy VGA (15 Pin Blue) if your system supports the connection.

 After buying one make certain that you plug the cable properly. A loose power connection will damage the monitor again.

Solution No:2 Replace The Motherboard

This solution is strongly recommended for experienced people. For the people who have no prior experience related to Metal Components, we would advise you to consult a nearby technician. If you’re an experienced user, try replacing the motherboard to check if the monitor works correctly afterward.

In cases of urgency, try reinstalling the RAM. This one is super simple. Detach the RAM from the slot, wait for 2 minutes and reattach it. Now restart the computer and you might not be disappointed!

Solution No:3 Get A New Video Card

If the cause of the problem is a Broken Graphics Card then buying a new one would be the most applaudable way. As damaged graphics cards will also affect other computer components.

Tight on a budget and can’t get a new Graphics Card? We have a temporary solution for you. Open the Metallic Case, detach the motherboard and rearrange the graphics card into another slot. Now insert the motherboard and restart your computer.

Solution No:4 Contact The Technician

If all the above-mentioned tricks don’t work, the last solution is consulting a technician. Because the more you try to repair, the more damage will come. In serious cases, nothing could be more helpful than an Expert’s Advice.

 You can check out some websites to find some of the best technicians. No doubt you’ll have to spend a sum of money but it’ll be beneficial in a long period for your monitor.

These were some recommended steps to follow when you experience Blank Monitor Display. For urgent situations, try following the first three solutions. And for a long time benefit the last one would be the preferred option to consider.

Few Words

So far we’ve read some ultimate ideas to solve the problem of My Monitor Is Not Turning On. Have you tried any of the above-mentioned solutions? We’re sure with the assistance of this information you’ll solve the problem in no time. After all your exciting gameplay is waiting for you to ace the game challenges and ohh and the Important Presentation your boss has asked for?

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