How Do I Rotate My Screen Back To Normal

The common question that we often get asked is:” how do I rotate my screen back to normal”?

Sometimes, your monitor or laptop screen gets flipped upside down or even sideways, mainly because you have accidentally pressed the hotkeys on your keyboard.

Whether you own a laptop, monitor, or mac, we have discussed solutions for all types of gadgets. So, let’s get started!

Solutions For Monitor Screen

Method 1: Physically Rotating The Monitor

If your monitor is equipped with a rotation sensor, then just physically rotate your monitor to restore your monitor screen to normal.

If this method doesn’t work, then it means that your rotation lock is enabled. Disable it to fix your screen.

Method 2: Using Combination Keys

If the above method doesn’t work, then it’s time you do things professionally. Press the Alt + Arrow key simultaneously to flip your monitor screen.

If you press the Ctrl+Alt+ downward arrow, then your monitor screen will be rotated upside down.

Similarly, the Ctrl+Alt+ upward arrow will rotate the screen upside. If you press left or right arrows with the Ctrl-Alt keys then the screen will get rotated either left or right

Method 3: Changing Orientation

Whether your monitor has Windows 7 Os or later, you can manually fix the screen problem by switching between 2 orientations: landscape and portrait

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Then select Display
  • Go to Screen Resolution
  • You will see an orientation menu Click on it and choose whether you want a landscape or portrait
  • Press the apply to change your monitor screen back to normal.

Method 4: Graphics Card Options

If the above methods are not working, then the only way is to access the graphics card options.

  • Left-click on the screen
  • A menu will pop up
  • Go to graphics properties or options
  • Select rotation and rotate your screen

Solution For Mac Screen

Step 1: ⌘ & ⌥ keys

hold  Command ⌘ and Option ⌥ keys. You have to keep on holding these keys while proceeding to the next steps.

If you own a windows keyboard, then press the Alt+ Ctrl.

Step 2: System Preferences

On the top left, you will find an apple symbol. Click on it. This will open a system preference window.

If the system preference window was already opened. Then you should exit and open it again while holding on to the command and option keys.

Step 3: Display Settings

Now, click on the display. Keep on pressing the command and option keys.

Step 4: Rotation Settings

After you click on the display, a window will pop up that shows resolution, brightness, and rotation. Click on the rotation option and select standard from there.

If no options pop up when you click the rotation option then it means that your gadget doesn’t support integrated rotation options by Apple. For this, search for any 3rd party software that can assist you in screen rotation.

Solutions For Laptop Screen

Method 1: Use Hotkeys

Using hotkeys is the simplest way to deal with a rotated screen. Although there are plenty of keys on a keyboard, by pressing the keys combination below, you can easily rotate the screen back to normal.

  • Ctrl+ Alt+ downward arrow. This key combination rotates the screen 180 degrees upside down.
  • Ctrl+ Alt+ upward arrow. This combination changes the monitor screen towards the standard position.
  • Ctrl+Alt+ left arrow. This combination rotates the display 90 degrees to the left.
  • Ctrl+Alt+ right arrow. These hotkeys work to shift the screen 90 degrees to the right.

If your laptop has some installed AMD GPUs or NVIDIA GPUs, then this method of using hotkeys won’t work on them. For this, you make use of the driver settings.

Method 2: Intel GPU Settings

To rotate the laptop screen, following intel Setting steps would help

  • Go to the intel GPU settings
  • Go to the display section
  • Go to the basic settings
  • From the rotation window, choose
  • Click ok and save the changes

To prevent accidental clicks, go to the options and support in the driver settings and shut off the control shortcut keys.

Method 3: Use The NVIDIA Panel Or AMD Panel


The process is similar to the above one.

  • Go to the NVIDIA panel
  • Select display
  • Choose rotate the display
  • Now, all you have to do is select the most suitable orientation and hit the apply button.


  • Open the AMD control panel
  • Go to Common Display Tasks
  • Go to Flip desktop
  • Choose the appropriate orientation to flip the laptop screen to normal.

Method 4: Use Windows Setup

Changing the screen to the standard position, using the Windows setting is easier than using the graphics setting.

  • Go to the control panel
  • Select screen
  • Go to the orientation window
  • From here, you are given 2 options: portrait and landscape.

You can do the following orientations:

  • landscape: your screen will return to the standard position.
  • Portrait: turns the picture to the left by 90 degrees
  • Landscape ( inverted): Rotates the display upside down.
  • Portrait ( inverted): Rotates the display 90 degrees to the right.

After changing the orientation, click ok and save the changes.

What To Do If None Of The Above Methods Work?

If none of the above methods help you, then you can use the system restore option. In this method, you reset the operating system to the state it was in before the screen problem emerged.

For this:

  • Go to start. Search for standard. Choose the service option from it and then click the system restore option.
  • A window will open. Choose to restore the computer to its earlier state and then click continue
  • This will open up a calendar. Choose the recovery date.
  • By clicking the next icon, the operating system will reboot and the original settings will become relevant.

Wrapping Up!

To solve your problem:  how do I rotate my screen back to normal, we have captioned plenty of ways. Whether you have a pc, mac, or laptop, steps have been provided for every piece of tech. We are hopeful that these small and simple methods will surely turn your display screen to normal.


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